Tubercular Appendicitis: A Rare Cause of Acute Abdomen in Children

Oncology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Reports,2016,5,2,72-74.
Published:May 2016
Type:Case Report
Author(s) affiliations:

Yogender Singh Kadian, Mahavir Singh1

Departments of Paediatric Surgery and 1General Surgery, Pt. B.D. Sharma Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rohtak, Haryana, India


Acute appendicitis is the common cause of acute abdomen requiring emergency surgery in children. But the tubercular involvement of the appendix is rare, only occurring in about 1 to 2% of all appendicectomies It is either secondary to tuberculosis elsewhere in the abdomen or it is an isolated involvement without any identifiable focus anywhere in the body. The presentation of this condition is nonspecific and histopathologic examination is often the only way to reach a diagnosis and to establish specific antitubercular therapy. The appendicular tuberculosis presenting with the signs and symptoms of acute appendicitis is a very rare occurrence and only few cases are reported in literature in paediatric age group. This case is a rare one with acute presentation and is being reported to stress the point of histopathological correlation of all removed appendices because sometimes it can bring the surprise diagnosis of tubercular appendicitis as in the present case.

Microphotograph showing mucosa of appendix infiltrating with epithelioid cell granulomas

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